Hi, I’m Joe.

I’m currently a staff software engineer on the Design Systems team at The New York Times.

My objective is to create software for multi-disciplinary teams that promotes creative expression, inclusive design, ethical decision-making, and high-quality engineering. My areas of expertise include multiple design disciplines, web technologies, AR and VR, experience design, usability, data visualization, motion graphics, and more.

I strive to work with people who challenge me every day to see the world differently. Hence, my priorities as a teammate are to learn, listen, and create an inclusive environment for my peers. This is the kind of collaboration needed to build great teams and solve complex problems.

My grad school capstone project team: me, Alma Emadi, Rijuta Trivedi, Aniket Handa, and Carolyn Scoville.

My interests have led me to the fields of virtual reality, literary visualization, journalism, and even cat fitness!

No matter what I’m working on, my role as a designer is to be a constant learner and tireless problem-solver. There are always multiple stakeholders and business needs for any project, but I find that good design always puts people ahead of pixels.

I love whiteboarding sessions, sketching, and developing prototypes to explore novel concepts. I also love seeing these ideas to completion, having contributed to several peer-reviewed publications and a few production apps. Incidentally, my role as a technologist is often to help choose the right tools to set up our team for success.

I’m passionate about working with inspiring teams that are making a positive impact in the world. If that sounds familiar, let’s talk.